Whether you run a large company turning over millions, or a small one-person business, you’ll always want the same thing: to have your website appearing high up in the Google search engine.

Our Budget SEO Package has been designed from the ground up to enable us to work ongoing month after month to deliver you the search engine results you’re looking for.

be affordable for the smallest business while still offering the potential to drive your website to the top of the search engines


Typically, quality SEO packages cost from around £200 to £600 a month which most small or micro businesses simply cannot afford. That’s why we’ve developed our Budget SEO Package that’ll still deliver you first class keyword rankings while only costing you £50/month.



So how do we achieve this? It’s very simple. We use powerful analysis software to do the laborious and time consuming keyword research and focus our specialist SEO skills on the things that matters: optimising your website’s pages to rank higher in the search engines.

“The Budget SEO Package has been extremely valuable to our business and we’ve seen some incredible changes in our rankings since partnering with David. For one particularly competitive keyword, we moved from page 8 to page 1 within one month! And we are now on at least the first 3 pages of the Google search results for our main keywords. I can’t recommend the Budget SEO Package enough, it’s extremely good value for money and the customer service from David, as well as all the reports he sends on a monthly basis, has been second to none. Thank you, David”. Matt Holmes, Visual8.com

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It’s a fact that a traditional SEO firm will spend a lot of time getting to know the client’s needs and requirements. The specialist needs to meet with the client in person or over Skype, review the site, identify the best options and develop a strategy going forward; as well as managing the resulting email and telephone correspondence.

And that’s all before even a moment has been spent on actually optimising the website’s pages.

“David did a great job – I thought these Google results would take months to filter through and become effective. But no, in the first month, 13 of my main keywords ranked higher and two other phrases went up 185 and 172 places respectively”. Hugh Trethowan, CounsellingInBath.com


You can still enjoy excellent results even without paying large amounts of money for an SEO specialist to give you this one to one personal service, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with our Budget SEO Package.

How have we done it? It’s very simple. Rather than an expensive SEO consultant spending time reviewing and discussing the optimisation plan with you, we use powerful software to analyse and review the site and then research the most relevant keywords people might enter in Google, Bing or Yahoo. The software will then rank all your pages for these keywords so we can see what needs to be done. Then and only then do our skilled SEO specialists complete the final page optimisation.

This massively slashes the time needed to carry out the work each month and focuses the skilled consultant’s time where it’s needed, that is working on your website pages.

Mike Yeats Solar Gate Systems Quote

“I’ve found this service to be of great benefit. Since they started 3 months ago the visitors from Google have gone up every week and I’m seeing quite a few more enquiries now as well. All in all a very effective service at a fantastic price.

It’s also completely different from other SEO packages that just offer positions for 5 or 6 keywords as they review up to 100 keywords ongoing”. Mike Yeats, SolargateSystems.co.uk

How does the Budget SEO Package work?
Every website on the internet will most likely have been indexed by the search engines and placed somewhere in the results for a whole range of keywords. The problem is most of the placements are too far down the listings to drive any significant traffic.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 16.20.19 – Display 1Read Case Studies
Find out more on how the Budget SEO Package could work for you by reading these Case Studies. You’ll learn just how game-changing the Budget Package can be. You’ll also learn how many of our client’s website pages moved up the search results by more than 190 places in one month.

Solar Gate Systems
This recent start-up needed to give their website a boost on Google. We looked at how the site is currently ranked and then worked on the pages to get them on the first page for many of their top keywords. If you open the Case Study you Budget Package example Secondhand Toolscan click on the actual search term results to see how they’re doing now. Read the Case Study….

Second Hand Tools
A small business based in Dorset Second Hand Tools sells used hand and power tools to customers all over the world. The owner had always done some SEO herself and had read through a lot of the information in our Premium Area, but she wanted to focus on getting higher for a range of keywords so started with our Budget Package. Read the Case Study and learn how she got on….

The simple goal of our Budget SEO Package is to identify those phrases and pages and move them higher up the rankings as quickly as we can. A first page position in the search results will yield up to 50 times the visits over a second page position.

Matt Holmes Visual8

“David has been working on my site for a year via the £50 per month budget Seo package. I am very pleased with his work and would recommend his work.”. Martin Rathbone, RathbonePestControl.com

As soon as you start the Package we’ll set up the software for your site and it’ll start pulling in all the relevant search terms from Google, Bing and Yahoo. These could add up to a 100 keyword phrases depending on how popular your site is. Within a short time we’ll have search engine positions for all the keywords and we’ll be ready to move on to the next stage.

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Identify the money keywords to focus on
Among all those search term will be a much smaller number that will deliver significantly better results. We call these the money keywords. By using the powerful software to cross reference the data from the search engines we’re able to identify them and which of your pages they’re appearing for.

Now we start optimising each page to bring it higher
Now that the software has found the qualified search terms people are using, we now optimise each of your website’s pages, targeting the highest possible position (the higher it goes the more traffic you’ll get). This might involve making small changes to the text or headings, editing the meta tags or a combination of the two.

alex-from-plathoescave-quotePlathoesCave is coming up in the search engines for a range of terms but we wanted to give it a boost. The budget package is absolutely ideal for this as it’s incredibly good value and is already showing great results.

If the traffic keeps growing at the current rate we’ll have achieved our website visitor targets within 4 months instead of a year. Alex, PlathoesCave.com

Example of how your website could move from page fifteen of the results to page one in 7 days!
The software will record all your website’s page positions in the main three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). For an established site we’ll normally see page ranking improvements within the first month. The chart below shows just how quickly this can happen with typical moves upwards of 190 places or more (from page 15 of the results to page 1). Plus dozens of similar keyword ranking improvements.

Example of ranking improvements over 7 days
The keywords have moved up the search engines, as much as 193 places, straight on to page 1. All within the first month.

But don’t worry you won’t be kept in the dark on progress. You’ll receive a search engine ranking report every month, and you can check in to see which pages we’ve been working on at any time.

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So what results can I really expect

The aim of this service is to drive your website pages higher in the search engines than they currently are. So if a page is currently at position 10 the aim would be to bring it up to position 5 or higher. Just increasing a page’s position by these few places can double or treble the visitors to that page. Over time all these small gains make for a big increase in overall traffic.

We’ll be working on up to 5 pages each month while you’re on the Package
Each month we will monitor all your website’s page positions in the search engines for up to 100 keywords. We will also work directly on up to 5 pages each month to improve their search engine ranking.


“Dave i found you at face value doing what i do. Honest words and good marketing.

”You have done all i ask and we will continue to do business. Looking good on dublin plumber #1.”. Steven Bradley, DublinPlumbingandHeating.ie

What do I need to do?
We’ve designed the Package so we can work for you quietly in the background to improve the ranking of your website’s pages, without you needing to make any major commitment or input other than to keep on updating and adding new content.

Keep adding more website content and blog posts
The only thing you do need to do is keep on adding content to your website, with new pages about your products or services and adding blog posts if you have a blog. Generally speaking websites that have more quality content rank much better in the search engines.

Monthly updates on progress
Obviously you want to know how things are progressing and how much higher your pages are. That’s fine with us. We’ll email you detailed PDF reports every month showing all the keyword movements. You’ll also be able to check which pages we’ve been working on from the live Work Record document.

SEO Budget Package Includes Monthly Action PlanMonthly Action Plan
Every month in the updates on progress email you’ll receive a short Action Plan on content related things you can do to help the site do better in the search engines. For example we might highlight the pages that are delivering the most visitors so you can spend a little time editing and improving the content on those pages. Or we might have found your blog posts are doing well so we might recommend writing more of these posts.

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So how much does it all cost?
By bringing together all these automatons and time saving measures, as well as shoehorning in our full armoury of SEO skills, we’ve been able to build a highly effective SEO package for just £50 a month, that’s completely focused on ranking your website higher in the search engines.

Buy the Budget SEO Package today for just £50 month
Ready to start the SEO Budget Package? Just “click here” and then click the red button “Start the Budget Package”. You’ll be taken to PayPal to begin the £50 a month payment subscription and then we’ll collect a few details about your website so we can get started straight away on the optimisation.

If you have a question please take a look at the FAQ. If you can’t find the answer there use the Question Form Below. Or give me a call directly on: 07887 524023.


“Since we joined this package the site has started to move up the rankings in Google. Now my website is in position 1, 2 or 3 in Google for all of my main keywords.

I was surprised at how many keywords are being monitored in the software and the fact that I can watch things improve over time. We’ve already identified dozens of high quality keywords to target that we’d have never found otherwise”. Tim Evans, MeadowMania.co.uk

Includes Lifetime Membership on our Premium Training Website to help you curate search engine friendly content (worth £99)
Start with the Budget Package today and we’ll include lifetime access to our Premium Membership website. This gives you full access to all the eBooks, Guides, Tutorials and SEO Tips, all focused on helping you add more quality content to your website (that greatly helps visibility with the search engines). Learn more about Premium Membership.

Q. Will I get phone or email communication with the package?

A. As this is a fixed price budget package there is no phone and limited email communication. We tend to spend all the time available to work on optimising the website. However you will receive regular updates on progress.

Q. How long before I see any improvements?

A. As mentioned above you should see some improvements in the first month. But improvements will continue ongoing for different keywords and pages while the Package is running.

Q. I have a list of keywords I want you to target, can you get No 1 position for all of them?

A. We are more than happy to include any keywords you have for the optimisation, but can make no guarantee on search engine positions. The Budget Package is focused on improving keywords you are currently placed in the search engines for, rather than ones that have no ranking, although these will most likely gain ranking in time.

Q. How do you take the payments?

A. The payment of 50 GBP is take using a PayPal subscription. You can stop this subscription at any time.

Q. I live outside the UK can I still use the service?

Yes absolutely. But at present we can only work in the English language.

Q. What will you need to start working in my site?

A. To start the initial work we’ll just need is your web address (we’ll collect during the signup). We’ll then get on with the initial keyword research and set up the search term positioning tool.

At some point we’ll need access to you web site editor to make the small changes to page text, headings and meta tags that will improve the page rankings in the search engines.

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Q. What SEO work does the Package cover and what doesn’t it cover?

A. The Package covers keyword research on up to 100 words then on-page optimisation work such as editing text to include keywords, meta tag editing and reworking page headings as needed. Not covered is telephone/Skype consultations, meetings, strategy and planning.

Q. How long will I need to keep the Package going?

A. It is designed as an ongoing Package and the work we do should bring in far more business than the £50 a month cost, but most of our clients see positive results within the first month and certainly within two or three months, this continues in the subsequent months going forward. This is borne out by the very low drop-out rate, with 95% of the businesses staying on the package for more than 3 months.

Q. I have a brand new website that isn’t on Google at all yet, will this package help me?

A. Yes. We can just as easily help with a new website although it may take longer to achieve the higher rankings than a site that is already established on the search engines.

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